International Conference on Climate Change

Economic and Social Council of Greece

ESC President's message

Greetings of the President

Climate change, recently referred to as climate crisis, is a major global challenge to health and life on our world, necessitating the identification of specific quantitative and qualitative objectives and the systematic and multilevel cooperation in order to handle it.

The Economic and Social Council (ESC) sees the climate and environmental crisis as a condition that lowers the economic and social well-being, disrupts the sustainable development goals and requires multiple resources to redress its negative effects.

The social dialogue and the holistic approach of the modern challenges that point out major policy interventions for the protection of the environment are at the core of the priorities of the ESC.

In this context, we are organizing the International Conference on Climate Crisis and we look forward to the presentation of policy recommendations and the exchange of views and proposals on this issue by renowned speakers from important national and international organizations.

Ioannis Paidas
ESC President


Climate Crisis and Social Dialogue towards Sustainable Transition

Speakers - Moderators


Members of the Organizing Committee:

Ιoannis Paidas, President of the ESC

Michalis Alepis, Vice-President

Fotis Koleventis, Vice-President

Georgios Goniotakis, Vice-President

Apostolos Xyrafis, Secretary General

Dr. Martha Theodorou, Head of International and Public Relations

Katerina Tsoukatou, Administrative Officer

Dimitris Bimbas, Scientific Advisor